Retreats, The Lighthouse Lodge

Lakeside Bed & Breakfast in Monticello, Indiana


My husband's company rented every room for a team building outing on which they were invited to bring their entire families. They could not have picked a more perfect location. The rec room was spacious and ideal for business meetings, and the proprietors allowed us to use their kitchen to cook meals which made the trip more cost effective.

Personally, this is the best place I've ever stayed. I have had a less enjoyable stay in rooms that cost 4x as much with half to offer. The rooms are neat and well furnished with modern appliances and furniture. There is a great playground right on the lake, fire pits, and a clean beach where you can walk right out into the water. The location is rural enough that you can enjoy country life but near enough to town for convenience.

We didn't have to leave for our entire trip and we were not bored for one minute.

Mike and Bonnie are a wonderful couple who enjoy what they do. They are warm and make you feel right at home. It's more like visiting family (that you actually want to see) than staying at a hotel.

The food is right on time, delicious and plentiful. If Bonnie says "Breakfast is at 8:45," then you can expect to have a plate in your hand at 8:46.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough.