• buffet

Mike and Bonnie bring their 23 years of food service experience to your celebration or event. Complete your experience with a fine-dining buffet.

Create Your Menu!

Dinner packages start at $27.00/person. Our basic meal package contains the following menu items:
One (1) Appetizer
One (1) Entrée
One (1) Starch (Pasta, Rice, or Potato)
One (1) Vegetable
One (1) Dessert

Add Our Buffet To Your Event!

All meals are served with the following: Green Salad, Bread and Butter, Coffee, Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Water. Please review the menu item lists below to create your menu:

Appetizer (Select One):

  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Strawberries with Yogurt Dip
  • Fresh Vegetable Plate
  • Bruschetta
  • Relish Plate
  • Nacho Grande (turkey or beef)
  • Fresh Fruit (in season)
  • Pizza Bites
  • Shrimp Cocktail (premium)
  • Italian Sausage (bite size)
  • Homemade Turkey or Beef Meatballs with Choice of Sauce (BBQ, Hot, Teriyaki, Blackberry, Balsamic, Asian, Marinara)
  • Chicken on a Stick with Choice of Sauce (BBQ, Hot, Teriyaki, Blackberry, Balsamic, Asian, Marinara)

Entrée (Choose One Basic or Premium):

Basic Entrée

  • Italian Sausage or Bratwurst
  • Ham on the Bone
  • Chicken (Grilled, Baked, Lemon Pepper, Francaise, Parmesan, or Greek-Seasoned)
  • Pork Chops
  • Hamburgers

Premium Entrée

  • French Cut Prime Rib of Pork
  • Steaks
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Fresh Salmon
  • Seared Ahi Tuna

NOTE: There is an additional market price added to each premium entrée. We can accommodate any entrée request you desire.

Starch (Choose One):

  • Baked Mostaccioli
  • Baked Lasagna
  • Roasted Potato Medley
  • Potato Au Gratin
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Pasta Salad (cold or hot) with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, or Pesto Sauce
  • Hot Pasta (Spaghetti, Mostaccioli, Penne, Bowtie, or Linguini) with Choice of Sauce (Marinara, Vodka, Pesto, or Meat)

Vegetable (Choose One):

  • California Vegetable Medley
  • Green Beans
  • Italian-Style Vegetables
  • Bean Salad
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Baked Beans

Dessert (Choose One):

  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Jello
  • Fruits
  • Ice cream
  • Sherbet

Options: Add $1.50 for each additional Starch, Vegetable, or Appetizer. Add $2.50 for each additional non-premium entrée.

We can accommodate any menu request you desire.